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Motorcycle Insurance

Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance in Texas?

While the open road may be calling you when you get a new bike, get the right motorcycle insurance before you head out. The law states that you must carry minimum liability insurance. It is important to know you’ll be safer with a more comprehensive policy, even though the lower rates of minimum liability may be tempting. Lenders often require specific types and amounts of coverage if you finance your bike. Even if you don’t carry a note on the bike, there are insurance options that will protect you financially. This is where our team at Spross Insurance Agency comes in. We understand the needs of bike owners in Texas and will discuss your options so that you understand the full extent of your coverage.

The required liability policy covers any accidents where you are deemed at fault. It will cover the repair and medical expenses of the other person injured in an accident. If they decide to sue you, it will also include their legal expenses. It will not pay for your repairs or medical expenses. The critical thing to understand is that liability policies only pay up to a predefined amount. If the other person’s costs exceed that amount, you’ll be on the hook for the rest.

It’s easy to see that liability insurance provides only limited protection for you financially. At Spross Insurance Agency, our team will discuss comprehensive and collision policies that can provide you with more security. In Texas, there are many options available for motorcyclists. Our team focuses on getting you the liability coverage you need but also the comprehensive insurance that will protect your investment in your bike for the future. We’re ready to answer any questions you have, so come in for a quote and to learn more. We have the insurance coverage options you need. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Come see us today!

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