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Life Insurance

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a critical financial piece that protects your family. If you pass away, it guarantees that your family will be able to pay for your funeral expenses and any debts that you leave behind. You can also rest easy knowing that your children’s future education is paid for. You can also designate a donation to any charities that are close to your heart. When you think about what a life insurance policy can do, you’ll see that it can mean more than merely leaving money for family members when you pass away. At Spross Insurance Agency, our team is ready to answer any questions you have. We can get you the life insurance policy that you and your family need in Texas.

When you begin thinking about life insurance coverage, you’ll have to decide on the amount of coverage that you need. Our agents can help you determine the right amount. You’ll want to factor in the estate taxes and inflation that will hit your family. Your agent will talk about two types of coverage: term and whole life. Depending on your goals, each policy type can be beneficial. Term life provides coverage for a specific time frame. It’s cost-effective and renewable. Many families with small children choose this option. It doesn’t do, however, built cash value over time. On the other hand, whole life plans cover for the insured’s entire life. The premiums may be a little higher, but over time, they build cash value that can be borrowed against.

Our Texas team at Spross Insurance Agency can get you the coverage you need. Come in today and get your family the financial protection you all need!

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