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Boat/Watercraft Insurance

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Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Protection for Your Texas Boat or Watercraft

In Texas, owning a boat means hours of fun with family and friends on the many lakes throughout the state. Whether it is enjoying nature along the many rivers or fishing at a favorite spot with friends, boating is something enjoyed by many in Texas. Owning a boat comes with many responsibilities, though. Protecting the ship and anyone who uses it means that you need to have the right insurance in place. Many risks need to be considered when you head out. Accidents, such as hitting a dock or another boater, can happen anytime. Then there are the risks you encounter on the road while you are transporting the boat to the water. Boat owners need to protect their investment, but they also need to be covered with liability insurance for any accidents they cause. Our team at Spross Insurance Agency can help you get the coverage you need to be safe and protected both on the water and traveling by your boat.

Accidents happen every day. Repairing or replacing a boat is expensive. Having insurance in place can protect you if your ship is damaged, vandalized, or stolen. If your boat sinks or is damaged beyond repair, insurance can help you recover from the disaster quickly, so that you can enjoy the water. Come on in to talk with our experienced agents. At Spross Insurance Agency, we understand how vital boat and watercraft insurance is. We can help you navigate the many options available so that you get the coverage you need in Texas. Unfortunately, boating accidents occur, and sometimes people get hurt. With insurance coverage, you’ll be financially protected so that you can recover quickly. Don’t head out on the water without the coverage you need. Call today!

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